MyWindFit Kit

My WindFit Kit

  • 1-MyWindFit Meter
  • 1-Arm band mount
  • 1- Bicycle Mount
  • Free Shipping and Handling



MyWindFit Product Comparison

Feature Description MyWindFit Kit MyWindFit Plus
Weather Meter
WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter for MyWindFit
Measures real-time wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure as you exercise.
MyWindFit Mobile App The MyWindFit app brings the meter and smart
phone technology together to give you the
most scientifically advanced fitness/training
tracker on the market.
Universal Bike Meter Mount Mounts MyWindFit meter to your front forks,
handle bar, or any other place you can think of
Arm Band Meter Mount Mounts MyWindFit meter to your arm for running,
jogging or walking.
MyWindFit Member Analytics Web Portal On-line personalized member web portal that stores all activity
data, calculates performance indicators and allows you to analyze
and compare your results

1st 6 months incl.

1st 6 months incl.

MyWindFit Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth heart rate monitor, used to measure
resting heart rate and generate training zones.