About Us

MyWindFit is the first elite fitness tracker that gives the athlete a 360 degree picture of how the environment impacts and influences their performance. The MyWindFit team is made up of health professionals, engineers and scientists whose primary focus is providing the best data and analytics to help athletes understand their true performance.

We have integrated best-in-class, peer reviewed research from the fields of physiology, meteorology, fluid dynamics, physics and aerodynamics to deliver the first exercise analytics product to measure the real-time microclimate encountered by the individual athlete, including wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure, and many others factors. The rich graphical reports help athletes compare their workouts to determine why their performance varied. Having MyWindFit as a part of your training toolbox will open new challenges and reduce anxiety over what route to take or what the weather forecast is. Get outside and train with MyWindFit.

Meet Our Founders

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the most scientifically comprehensive exercise and training tools to help people maximize their performance potential and results. This is achieved by concisely blending physiological, engineering and meteorological research and leveraging the technology of smart sensors, mobile devices and data analytics that make up the core of our products.