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  • I have a general comment or feedback for MyWindFit

    1. Send us an email

    2. Contact us on Twitter or Facebook

  • I have questions about MyWindFit, where are the best places to get the answers?

    1. See our FAQ page (we continually update this based on your feedback)
    2. See our Product Manuals page
    3. Contact our support team on Twitter  
    4. Send us an email
    5. Post on our product forum

  • I have an idea on how to improve MyWindFit, what should I do?

    Send an email to or navigate to the Contact Page on and submit your ideas. We appreciate and value all ideas and suggestions. 

  • I just placed a MyWindFit order, when can I expect it to be delivered?

    You can expect to receive your MyWindFit order within 7 business days from when the order was placed.  If you would like expedited processing email us at

  • MyWindFit Weather Meter

  • MyWindFit meter will not connect to the MyWindFit app.

    1. Verify that Bluetooth is enabled on your smart device.
    2. Open the MyWindFit app and navigate to the Diagnostics/Bluetooth screen.
    3. Press the button located on the front of the meter.  If the battery is good, the meter will show on the Bluetooth scan screen. 
    4. If the meter is not displayed on the scan screen, remove the black rubber cover and press the clear button. If the battery is good, this button with flash a blue light for 30 seconds.
    5. If the blue light does not turn on, replace the CR2450 battery and retest

     See the Instruction sheet for additional information

  • What is the range and accuracy of the wind speed measurement from the weather meter?

    The MyWindFit wind sensor has a range of 1-125 mph (1.6-201 km/hr) and has a typical accuracy of +/1 mph (0.4 km/hr)

  • What is the range and accuracy of the temperature and humidity measurement from the weather meter?

    The MyWindFit humidity sensor has a tolerance of +/- 3% and the temperature sensor has a tolerance of +/- 1 degree.

  • What is the range and accuracy of the wind speed measurement from the weather meter?

    The MyWindFit wind sensor has a range of 1-125 mph (1.6-201 km/hr) and has a typical accuracy of +/- 0.25 mph (0.4 km/hr)

  • The arm band mount Velcro is rubbing on my skin or shirt.

    Make sure that the silver mounting nut is facing in your forward direction, please see the Meter mounting instructions for further details

  • My phone is connected to someone else’s MyWindFit meter.

    If you are training with other people using MyWindFit, make sure you sync your meter with your phone at least 25 ft away from another meter, this will ensure you do not connect with another meter.  Once a meter is synced with the phone, it will not connect to another phone. 

  • Can I have more than one MyWindFit meter?

    Yes, you can use more than one fit meter per account.  One meter could be permanently mounted to your bike, while the other could be used for running or other activity.  At this time MyWindFit will only connect to one meter per phone, therefore, it will not connect to two or more meter simultaneously. 

  • MyWindFit meter makes a whine sound during my activity.

    The MyWindFit meter will emit a whine at various tones, typically the higher the wind speed the higher pitch of the tone and is completely normal and expected. 

  • Is the MyWindFit Meter water proof?

    The MyWindFit meter is designed to work under typical training conditions, including rain, sleet and snow and is backed-up by a two year warranty. The meter was not designed, however, to be submerged underwater. MyWindFit is water resistant, not water proof.

  • How do I clean the MyWindFit weather meter?

    The weather meter outer covering can be removed and cleaned with mild detergent.  The “fan” blades of the meter can be gently cleaned using damp cotton swabs. 

  • Why doesn’t the MyWindFit meter rotate to face the wind?

    MyWindFit captures the wind which directly causes you resistance during your activity, and that is the wind in the direction of your travel.  For example, if you are traveling with side wind, there is still some component of that wind that directly faces you and resists your energy as you move forward.  

  • What is the recommended mounting position for the MyWindFit meter on my bicycle?

    You can mount your MyWindFit weather meter on your front forks or handlebar, whichever is most convenient for you.  You can mounting it in other locations, however, make sure that there are no items directly in front or behind the meter and it is mounted in the front of the bicycle. 

  • Should I mount the MyWindFit meter on my left or right arm?

    The meter and armband mount are designed to work the same no matter what arm you use. 

  • How the MyWindFit Meter is powered and how long will the battery last?

    The MyWindFit Meter is powered by a single CR2450 battery that typically lasts 300-500 operating hours. 

  • How do you mount the MyWindFit Meter?

    The MyWindFit is supplied with two different mounting accessories. The first is a universal mount for a bicycle, which can place the meter on the front forks or handle bar.   The second is an elastic/Velcro arm band that can be used for running, jogging or walking.   With a built in ¼-20 camera mount, you can mount your MyWindFit meter to almost anything! 

  • MyWindFit Mobile App

  • My age does not change after my birthday

    Currently you have to manually enter your age and adjust when your birthday arrives.  Happy birthday by the way.. ;)

  • When I slow down and stop moving, MyWindFit app pace does not go to zero.

    Varying accuracy of GPS signals can cause a pace to be displayed when you are not moving. MyWindFit recommends using the Pause button if you happen to stop moving during your activity.   The Pause button will set the pace to zero and pause the activity tracking. Varying accuracy of GPS signals can cause a pace to be displayed when you are not moving. MyWindFit recommends using the Pause button if you happen to stop moving during your activity.   The Pause button will set the pace to zero and pause the activity tracking. 

  • Does the heart rate monitor and MyWindFit meter need to create a Bluetooth pair with my phone?

    You do not need to pair your MyWindFit heart rate monitor or MyWindFit Meter to your phone.  They will connect automatically.  Pairing these devices is not necessary or possible

  • At the end of an activity, two results records are created.

    A potential cause for this is that during the middle of the data transfer from the phone to the Member portal, the phone switched from mobile data to WIFI.  One way to ensure this does not happen is to turn the phone’s WIFI off during the activity and turn it back on once the results are received.   You can delete the duplicate by logging into the Member Portal.

  • I do not get the results screen at the end of the activity and the application appears to be stuck.

    Exit the MyWindFit application and restart the application.  Check your recent results and the activity results should be listed. A potential cause for this is that during the middle of the data transfer from the phone to the Member portal, the phone switched from mobile data to WIFI.  One way to ensure this does not happen is to turn the phone’s WIFI off during the activity and turn it back on once the results are received.

  • MyWindFit app closes on my iPhone (iOS, Apple) when the screen is locked.

    If the weather meter becomes disconnected from the MyWindFit app, when the screen is locked, the MyWindFit app will be reset by the iOS software.  To ensure full app operation during your activity with the screen locked, the weather meter must be continually providing updates to the app.  Another option is to operate the app without locking the screen. 

  • The MyWindFit app is consuming more of my phone battery than I would like.

    The primary consumers in the MyWindFit app are the Bluetooth connections to the weather meter and heart rate monitor, the GPS sensor and the processing required to produce the activity results. Here are some tips to improve battery life:  1) Use the screen lock to turn off the screen.  2)  If you do not use a MyWindFit heart rate monitor, make sure it is unchecked in your user profile 3) When not performing an activity, close the MyWindFit application.   

  • My phone screen will not turn off when MyWindFit is running.

    MyWindFit will prevent your phone from automatically locking (screen turning off), however, you can manually lock your phone at any time. The android app will only prevent your phone from automatically locking during an activity, the iPhone app will prevent auto-lock in all screens

  • What is the time zone listed when naming activities?

    The date stamp on each activity is:  Year – Month – Day .  The time is military standard time in Hr:Min:Sec  at the time when you completed your activity and the time zone is GMT/UTC

  • I notice that during an activity my pace does not match the wind speed, why is this?

    The MyWindFit meter measures and displays air speed or relative velocity and GPS sensor measures ground speed.  Air Speed = Ground Speed + Head Wind Speed or Air Speed = Ground Speed – Tail Wind Speed.   For example if you are traveling at 6.5 mph (9 min/mile) and there was a 1 mph tail wind:  The wind speed displayed by MyWindFit would be approximately 5.5 mph.   See the following link to see a demonstration:

    In addition to the above there are several other factors including:   1) There is always some amount of wind present even on calm days and the wind direction is constantly changing (see How Often Does Wind Direction Change) 2) The accuracy, tolerance and update rate of the GPS signal can change depending upon your location 3) The wind speed will always respond quicker to changes in speed than the pace, since it is direct information as opposed to a calculated information from the GPS signals. 4) The MyWindFit meter is mounted on an angle, not directly facing your direction of travel.


  • What is the accuracy of the GPS distance values?

    MyWindFit depends on the accuracy of the GPS components in your smartphone and the location of the phone (buildings and structures can inhibit or block GPS signals) Although it does vary by make and model the typical position accuracy of a smartphone GPS sensor is 0.5-1.5 %.   

    MyWindFit will display the accuracy of the GPS signal in the Diagnostic screen of the mobile app.  GPS accuracy varies depending on many factors but the best readings are obtained outdoors away from buildings.  The GPS bars shown in the app will turn green when the GPS accuracy is within 10 meters, or 30 feet.   The lower the accuracy value displayed in the Diagnostics page, the more accurate the GPS reading will be 

  • How often does the wind direction change at the ground level?

    The wind speed and direction at the ground level change constantly.  Generally the lower the wind speed the more frequent the wind changes direction. One study showed that for ground level wind speeds between 1 and 4 mph the direction can change 200 degrees every minute!  See table below.


    Ground Wind Speed

    Potential Direction Change Every Minute (degrees)

    1-4 mph


    10-20 mph


    20-25 mph


    25-30 mph



    So the slower you travel, the more variability in wind direction, which will affect the overall wind speed measured by MyWindFit.



  • What is the Target Pace and Pace Variance that is displayed on the in process screen of the mobile application

    The target pace is your goal for the activity you are about to perform.  It can be added, by clicking on the “Target Pace” link located on the bottom of the route select screen.  The pace variance is your target pace minus your current pace. 

  • Do I need to take my phone/smart device with me when I train?

    Yes.  The MyWindFit mobile application uses your device to connect to the GPS, MyWindFit Meter and Hear Rate monitor and process the data to your MyWindFit web database. 

  • What does the MyWindFit mobile app cost?

    The MyWindFit mobile app is free.  

  • When I complete an activity the Results screen is blank

    If you complete an activity without the MyWindFit meter connected, the Results will be blank.  It will also be blank if you are using the app in Guest Mode. 

  • What is the bike weight field in my user profile?

    This field is the total weight of your bicycle.  It is used to calculate various performance measures in the MyWindFit Analytics system

  • When I complete an activity, the Loading pop-up screen stays on for a long time before I receive my results screen

    After an activity is completed, all of the activity data is sent to the MyWindFit server to be processed into the results.  If there is a poor internet connection or mobile data connection, this process could take up to several minutes.  Do not exit the MyWindFit app until Results screen is shown. 

  • Can I listen to music from my phone/smart device while MyWindFit is running?

    Yes.   The MyWindFit app runs along with your devices normal functions and other applications. For Apple user, it is strongly recommend that any music apps are started first and the MyWindFit application remains active at all times during the activity.  Pressing the home button may cause loss of connectivity with the weather meter. 

  • How do I delete an Activity?

    Activities can be deleted using the MyWindFit Member Portal.

  • Can I use the MyWindFit mobile app if I do not purchase a MyWindFit meter?

    The MyWindFit app can be used as a traditional fitness tracker without the purchase of a MyWindFit meter.  Data will be limited to distance traveled and time elapsed. To use the MyWindFit app, click on the “Log in as Guest” button on the app landing page. There will be no access to the Member Portal and the results will not be saved on the phone

  • Why, at the end of each activity the MyWindFit mobile app asks if I want to “Name new Route”?

    In MyWindFit and activity is a specific instance when you completed exercised or trained. The geographical path you take is called the route.  If you plan on taking the same route in the future, you should Name the Route.  If not, just select “No” from the Name New Route pop up and it will be saved as an independent activity.  When you name the route, MyWindFit stores it in your profile so you can select it the next time you want to take it.   

  • Is the Current Pace listed in the in-process screen during an activity the average pace?

    The current pace displayed during an activity is the real-time pace, not the average. The real-time pace allows you to adjust your pace quicker as opposed to the overall average pace. Your average pace will be displayed at the end of the activity. 

  • What are the units for Head Wind?

    Head wind is displayed in mph or km/hr

  • Can I manually enter a workout in MyWindFit?

    MyWindFit’s core value is its analytical package and manual entry of activities would be limited to only a few variables, such as distance and time.  If you feel that this would be a valuable feature, let us know by sending us a note in our Contact section (insert link) 

  • MyWindFit 101

  • My running or walking pace does not make sense and are confusing.

    The pace units for running and walking in minute/mile, in for format of MM:SS.  For example a pace of 8:24 is 8 minutes and 24 seconds.   If for example, your pace was 8.75 (or anything greater than XX.6) it would mean 8 minutes 7.5 seconds. 

  • What is the shipping cost for MyWindFit?

    The MyWindFit Price Includes shipping, so there are no additional shipping or handling fees!

  • When running how does my arm swing affect the wind speed reading?

    Swinging your arm as you run will generate air flow through the meter, however, it is typically between 0 and 2 mph, in addition the back and forth motion of your arm tends to cancel out airflow, therefore arm swinging does not significantly affect your results

  • Does MyWindFit include a phone mounting accessory?

    MyWindFit is not supplied with a method to mount your smart device or phone.  Your phone can be mounted using any available mounts such as arm-band, waist-band and bicycle mounting hardware. 

  • What is the difference between MyWindFit Plus and MyWindFit Kit?

    MyWindFit Plus includes a Bluetooth heart rate monitor that adds both your heart rate and heart rate training zone to the activity data. (link to website showing checklist)

  • What units of measure does MyWindFit support?

    MyWindFit supports both English and metric units of measure.  The default setting is English and to change this check the Metric Units box in the user profile screen in the member web portal.   The units of pace or speed will automatically change based on activity

         Activity Type

    English Units

    Metric Units








  • What exercise activities does MyWindFit Support?

    MyWindFit can be used for any outdoor activity.  Activity categories are Cycling, Biking, Running, Walking, Kayaking (or canoeing), Cross country skiing, Wheelchair.  MyWindFit pace, which estimates what your pace would have been if the wind was not blowing, is available only for Cycling, Biking, Running and Walking. 

  • Smart Device or Phone Compatibility. Is my phone or smart device compatible with MyWindFit?

    In order to properly run the MyWindFit mobile application, please make sure your  android smart phone has Android operating Software Jellybean 4.3 or above and your iPhone has software version iOS 8 or above

    Both Android and Apple devices must have Bluetooth 4.0 (smart Bluetooth) to connect with the MyWindFit meter and heart rate monitor.




    Operation Software Version

    JellyBean 4.4 or higher

    iOS 8 or higher


    4.0 or higher (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE)

    4.0 or higher (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE)

    Typical phones:

    Galaxy S3 or above

    Note 3 or above

    LG Flex

    HTC One (M7 or above)


    iPhone 4S or above

    How do I find my Android version?   Copy this link or search this in your phones internet browser:

    How do I find my iOS version?   Copy this link or search this in your phones internet browser:

    The best method to determine if your device uses Bluetooth 4.0, is to look up the product specifications for keywords such as Bluetooth LE, BLE compatible

  • What types of reports/analytics are available on MyWindFit Analytics member web portal?

    MyWindFit Analytics allows you to evaluate and compare using tables, charts and graphs the performance and conditions data for your total average and each mile split for each activity.  You can compare a group or set of activities to determine how and why your performance changed and what variables were most significant.

    The data recorded for each activity includes: Time, Distance, Pace(speed), Relative Wind Speed, Wind Speed, Incline, MyWindFit Pace, MyWindFit Calories, MyWindFit Score, MyWindFit Temp, air temperature, humidity, pressure, weather conditions, heart rate*, heart rate training zone*

    with MyWindFit Heart Rate Monitor

  • What are the core features and benefits of MyWindFit Analytics, member portal?

    The member section of MyWindFit is a private and personalized cloud database that contains the detailed records of all your MyWindFit activity. It also contains an analysis package that enables you to compare multiple activities and variable across time, helping you better understand how and why your performance changed.   

  • What makes up the MyWindFit Product?

    1. Mobile Application (ultra-fitness GPS activity tracking)
    2. Wearable micro-climate weather meter
    3. Analytics Member Portal to review and analyze your results
    4. Blue-tooth heart rate monitor (optional)

  • My local weather station or on-line weather service gives me all weather data I need, how is MyWindFit different?

    • Weather stations measure wind speed  on a tower 30 ft. in the air and the wind speed and direction at the ground level is not even close to being the same 
    • Weather stations measure temperature in the shade and do not compensate for the cooling effects of the wind.     
    • MyWindFit continuously records weather data during your routine generating a picture of the micro-climate around you.

  • What is MyWindFit and what are the top three benefits of MyWindFit?

    MyWindFit is the first and only elite fitness tracker and training tool that :

    1) Uses a micro-weather meter to measure wind speed, air temperature, humidity and pressure at YOUR level.

    2) Integrates real-time weather data with GPS activity tracking program to give you a total/360 degree view of your performance.

    3) MyWindFit Pace and MyWindFit Score, baselines your pace to factor out all environmental factors, allowing you to focus on training, not the weather.  MyWindFit Calories and Power use the weather data to deliver more accurate and realistic results. 

  • MyWindFit Heart Rate Monitor

  • I am wearing the heart rate monitor; the heart rate is displaying but not the heart rate zone.

    If you are seeing your heart rate and not the zone during an activity, it is likely that a Resting Heart Rate was not recorded.  Please go to the Profile screen for instructions on how to record your resting heart rate 

  • Heart Rate monitor is not connecting to the MyWindFit app, or the reading is incorrect or erratic

    1. Ensure that the monitor is snapped tightly to the chest strap in both locations and the strap fits snuggle around you
    2. Ensure the meter is mounted so the electrode snap marked “Left” is on your left
    3. With a damp cloth, moisten the back side of the chest strap in the location behind the meter electrode snaps
    4. Use the Diagnostic Screen in the MyWindFit app to verify connectivity.
    5. You can also use a Bluetooth scanning app to verify if the monitor is present
    6. If the meter is not displayed on the scan screen, replace the CR2032 battery and retest.  Ensure that you can see the + of the battery after you install it and retest the connection.

    The heart rate monitor will turn off automatically after approximately 4 minutes after it does not detect any heart rate.

    Please see the Instruction Manual for additional information

  • My Resting Heart Rate values is displaying

    Please record a resting heart rate. If you do not have a MyWindFit heart rate monitor, edit your profile and uncheck the heart rate check box and re-save your profile

  • Heart Rate monitor is not connecting to the MyWindFit app, or the reading is incorrect or erratic

    1. Ensure that the monitor is snapped tightly to the chest strap in both locations and the strap fits snuggle around you
    2. Ensure the meter is mounted so the electrode snap marked “Left” is on your left
    3. With a damp cloth, moisten the back side of the chest strap in the location behind the meter electrode snaps
    4. Use the Diagnostic Screen in the MyWindFit app to verify connectivity.
    5. If Bluetooth connectivity is erratic, clear the Bluetooth data and cache         In Android:     For Apple: Power the phone off, then back on again
    6. You can also use a Bluetooth scanning app to verify if the monitor is present
    7. If the meter is not displayed on the scan screen, replace the CR2032 battery and retest.  Ensure that you can see the + of the battery after you install it and retest the connection.

    The heart rate monitor will turn off automatically after approximately 4 minutes after it does not detect any heart rate. 





  • What can my resting heart rate report in the Member Portal tell me?

    Generally speaking, a decreasing trend (getting lower) for a resting heart rate indicates improved physical fitness.  

  • What is the resting heart rate calibration?

    A function with the MyWindFit Heart Rate Monitor, resting heart rate calibration measures and records your resting heart rate. Your resting heart rate is a general indication of your physical fitness, with lower resting heart rates associated with improved cardiovascular fitness.   To record or calibrate your resting heart rate, connect the heart rate monitor and open the MyWindFit mobile app approximately minutes after you wake up in the morning.   If this is not possible, lie down and relax for 10 minutes and then take the measurement.   MyWindFit uses the average of the last three readings and recommends you measure your resting heart rate every month.         

  • What are the heart rate training zones?

    The MyWindFit heart rate training zones give you a gage of how physically intense your training or exercise routine was on your body.   The training zones use the heart rate reserve method with is linked to VO2 consumption. Please see this link for more information

  • How does the heart rate monitor work?

    The MyWindFit Heart Monitor is a wireless Bluetooth meter that continuously monitors your heart rate during your activity and automatically connects to the MyWindFit app when it contacts your skin.  The MyWindFit app has a unique function that also measures and records your resting heart rate.  MyWindFit Analytics uses these values to determine how difficult your routine was by calculating your training zone effort .

  • I already have a Heart Rate Monitor, will it work with MyWindFit?

    It may be compatible with MyWindFit if it is a Bluetooth model and you are currently using it with any one of the following programs:  Strava, MapMyRun/Ride/etc., Endomondo, Sports Tracker, Wahoo Fitness.  The only way to know for sure is to test your heart rate monitor with MyWindFit. MyWindFit does not guarantee compatibility.

  • My new Resting Heart rate value is not saving.

    After each resting heart rate measurement, the green SAVE button must be pressed in the User Profile Edit screen in the MyWindFit mobile application

  • MyWindFit Member Portal

  • On the dashboard graph, what are the Week, Month, and Yearly pull down settings?

    The WEEK setting shows the last 7 days for the current and the previous 7 days (8-14 days from current day).   The MONTH setting is the last 30 days as the current and the previous 30 days (31-60 days from the current day).  The YEAR setting is the last 365 days for the current and the previous 365 days (366-730 days from the current day).

  • My activities are not showing in my recent activities list

    Please check what activity type is selected in the pull down in addition to the Route pulldown.  An Independent Activity is one that was not completed on an established route.   In addition make sure the date range selected will capture the time frame the activity was completed in.

  • What is the purpose of the MyWindFit Analytics Member Portal?

    The MyWindFit Member Portal stores all of your activity data in your own personalized web data base. Some of the core features are: 1) Has a full graphical analytics package that will help you understand your performance and identify what items (wind, incline, temp, etc.) had the most impact. 2)  It tracks your personal best for each activity type and regular routes you may take 3) All activity data can be reviewed by the average or at each mile split, 4) If you have the heart rate monitor, the portal contains your resting heart rate trend graph,  5) The portal graphically displays your MyWindFit Performance ratios in a trend graphs so you can check the progress of your performance. 

  • What is the difference between the Activity Compare, Analyze, and Head to Head features in the MyWindFit Analytics Member Portal?

    The Analyze button is designed to investigate and understand the performance details of a single activity.  The Compare button is used to compare and evaluate the results multiple activities.  The Head to Head button is designed to compare and contrast the details of two activities. 

  • Can I export my activity data from the Analytics member portal?

    MyWindFit Analytics Member Portal has a download feature that will export all exercises data, including mile split data, to a CSV file. 

  • Does MyWindFit data report to online fitness databases such as Strava or Runkeeper?

    MyWindFit is actively engaged in evaluating partnerships that add value to our customers.   Please send us your integration request from our Contact page as this will help us prioritize who we integrate with.   

  • Account and Login Help

  • I am not receiving the reset password email?

    Depending upon your mail provider settings, the password reset email may be placed in your SPAM folder. If it is in your SPAM folder, please choose the option to mark it as “Not Spam”

  • Do I need a PayPal account to purchase a MyWindFit product?

    The current automated payment process requires a PayPal account to complete the transaction.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one at the same time during the checkout process.  If you would to join MyWindFit without creating a PayPal account, please email and list which MyWindFit product you wish to purchase.  The MyWindFit team will send an invoice for the product and the subscription to the MyWindFit Analytics portal.  

  • I cannot check out

    Currently you can only have one item in the shopping cart.  If the current item in the shopping cart is not the item you would like, click the red “X” and delete the item from your cart.  After deleting the item from the cart, please click the Buy-now page and select the product you would like to purchase.   

  • Why are there three line items on my receipt?

    When you purchase a MyWindFit Kit or MyWindFit plus there will be three line items on your order: 

    1. The MyWindFit Kit or Plus product
    2. The MyWindFit Member Analytics Portal Annual Fee, the first charge will be 6 months from the purchase date.  (this shows as a zero charge)
    3. The 6 months free of MyWindFit Member Analytics Portal (this shows as a zero charge)

    On your initial purchase, you will only be charged the cost of the MyWindFit Kit or Plus product. After 6 months your card will be charged the Member Portal Annual Fee.

  • How do I order MyWindFit?

    1. Select the MyWindFit Plus or MyWindFit Kit
    2. Select the Add to Cart button below the product of your choice
    3. Click Proceed to Checkout 
    4. Enter your MyWindFit user information 
    5. Enter your MyWindFit Shipping information
    6. Click the PayPal payment button, you will be forwarded to the secure PayPal server to enter your payment information and complete your order.
    7.  You will then be redirected to MyWindFit where you must click the “Complete Order” button.


                                         Yes this is slightly convoluted, but we are continuing to simplify the process for you.

    The MyWindFit Kit and Plus include 6 months’ free access to the MyWindFit Member Analytics portal.  If you select only the MyWindFit meter product, you will be forwarded an invoice for the Member Analytics Portal, once that invoice is paid, you will then have direct access to the MyWindFit Member Portal, however there will not be a 6-month free trial period. 

  • My Shopping basket will not update and/or I cannot add more than one item to my shopping basket.

    Currently you can only add one item to your shopping basket, you must remove the current item from your shopping basket to add a new item.   You can also see if that you are linked to the Member Portal, click on the Member Portal link in the upper right corner and select “Log out”

  • How do I buy a MyWindFit as a gift?

    1. Purchase the MyWindFit product you wish to give as a gift using your credentials
    2. Email and request the user email be changed, please include the email of the person who will receive the gift. 

  • I would like to provide feedback to MyWindFit, what is the best way?

    Navigate to the Contact Page on and submit your thoughts and ideas.  Feedback from our customers is critical to ensure we are delivering the best possible products

  • My credit card changed, how do I update it on

    Log into your account and navigate to the Profile page. Click on the “Update Payment” button located at the bottom of the page

  • Can one MyWindFit account be used for multiple people?

    It is important to have only one person per account, because MyWindFit uses your unique height, weight and age to generate MyWindFit calories, MyWindFit pace, and MyWindFit score.  In addition if you use the MyWindFit heartrate monitor, your personal resting heart rate is a critical parameter in generating your heart rate training zones

  • How do I reset my password?

    To Reset your password, just follow the "I forgot my password" (add actual hyperlink) link on the main member log in screen. 

  • How do I create my MyWindFit user name?

    Your MyWindFit user name will be created when you register your purchase of a MyWindFit kit or MyWindFit plus product. The user name will automatically be the email you provided during the registration process.  

  • What is MyWindFit user name?

    Your MyWindFit user name will always be the email you used during the registering process. 

  • MyWindFit Technology

  • Why is my meter temperature higher or lower than my outdoor thermometer and why does it take time for the meter temperature to adjust?

    The MyWindFit weather meter is designed to be weather resistant and this limits some of the airflow to the temperature sensor.  Therefore, it takes some time for the temperature sensor to acclimate to changes.  You can acclimate your meter by keeping it in the garage or placing it outside ½ hr before you start your activity.   Why so long you may ask – it takes approximately ½ hr for the sensor reading to go from 70 F to -2 F with no wind.  The sensor does respond faster when wind is flowing past it.   

  • What is Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) and how is it relevant?

    WBGT stands for Wet Bulb Globe Temperature.  It is the temperature that organizations such as OSHA and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) use to determine safety and hydration levels for outdoor activities. 


    Here is a link to OSHA:

    Here is a link to ACSM:

  • What is the MyWindFit Pace and how is it calculated?

    MyWindFit Pace is an estimate of your pace or speed as if the wind was not a factor.  This benefits you because it allows you to better compare your training activities independent from the wind. 

    For example, let’s say you typically run a 9 minute mile, but your last run was 9:30.  Since MyWindFit continually monitors the wind you see that, on average, you faced a 7 mph head wind and your MyWindFit Pace was 9:10.  This shows that without the 7 mph head wind, your estimated average pace would have been 9:10.

  • What is the MyWindFit Score and what does it mean?

    MyWindFit Score is a difficulty ranking for each of your activities. It uses the wind speed, incline and MyWindFit Temp to score the activity from -1-10, with 10 being the most difficult. This allows you to accurately compare your performance (pace, speed) to how challenging the course and conditions were.  

  • What are MyWindFit Calories?

    Like many other fitness trackers MyWindFit estimates the number of calories you consumed during an activity.  MyWindFit takes a big step further in this calculation by using the wind speed and many other factors to determine your drag and thus additional calories required to overcome that drag caused by the wind.  No other fitness tracker on the market today does this 

  • How does MyWindFit calculate my calories consumed?

    MyWindFit incorporates the latest research from leading authorities on sports medicine and science.  The following factors are used in determining your MyWindFit calories: Distance traveled and the time it took, steepness of the incline, wind speed, your activity speed, your body size and position, and several other factors.  MyWindFit is the only device that uses the wind speed to determine calories consumed during an activity.  

  • What is the MyWindFit Temp and what does it mean?

    MyWindFit Temp is the temperature your body feels during exercise. It uses the most scientifically accurate temperature indices (WBGT), or “Feels-Like” temperature used by the United States Military and OSHA to determine how long people will fatigue under their environmental conditions. MyWindFit uses wind speed, heat generated by the sun, air temperature, humidity and air pressure in determining the MyWindFit Temp. 

  • What are the MyWindFit Performance Ratios?

    MyWindFit Performance Ratios are designed to give you additional information on how your performance is trending over time.  There are five performance ratios in addition to resting heart rate trending (with optional HR monitor).


    • Pace/Head Wind
      • Upward trending (higher number) indicates improved performance in stronger winds
    • Pace/MyWindFit Score
      • Upward trending (higher number) indicates improved performance in more challenging routes (incline changes) and conditions (head wind and higher temp/humidity)
    • Pace/MyWindFit Pace (given as a percentage)
      • Negative percentages indicate MyWindFit Pace greater than actual pace
      • Positive percentage indicates actual pace greater than MyWindFit Pace, higher positive percentages indicate improved performance.
    • Heart Rate/Relative Wind Speed (activity speed plus wind speed)
      • Shows your heart rate as it relates to the total wind resistance, generally for a given wind resistance, a downward trending number indicates improved fitness
    • Heart Rate/MyWindFit Score
      • Shows your heart rate as it relates to the total resistance during your activity, generally for a given MyWindFit Score, a downward trending number indicates improved fitness

  • What is normalized power and normalized MyWindFit Score?

    Normalized power is the resistance you encountered during your activity, including the wind resistance that is a specific average value that accounts for intensity and duration of those resistances. It uses similar mathematics to the normalized power values given by a cycling computer when used with a power meter.  Normalized MyWindFit score is the specific average value for your MyWindFit score during your activity.  The average power and average MyWindFit score are the pure mathematical average and the normalized values are a “4th root” average. 

  • What is the difference between cycling and biking activities?

    MyWindFit considers road biking cycling and examples of biking would be mountain biking or leisurely family biking. The primary difference is in how MyWindFit calculates the wind drag.  For cycling MyWindFit assumes the rider is in a more aerodynamic crouching position versus a more up-right position a rider would be in during a more leisurely ride.  In addition to the wind drag, the biking calculations use a higher rolling resistance coefficient (the roughness of the riding surface) to account for the rougher terrain typically seen when biking or mountain biking.  

  • How does MyWindFit generate the incline information displayed for each activity?

    MyWindFit uses the latest topographical data sets published by the USGS and related organizations around the globe, in addition to the GPS data to determine the elevation.  The most critical aspect of elevation the change in elevation as you proceed with your activity.  

  • MyWindFit displays incline, how does that relate to elevation?

    Incline is the change in elevation as you travel along your activity.  It is displayed as a percentage where positive reflects an up-hill slope and negative a down-hill slope.  If you are traveling across a flat area, the incline will be close to zero.  The change in elevation (incline) over the course of your activity is what creates resistance or assistance.

  • Why is the MyWindFit Temp sometimes lower than the temperature listed by a weather service or the temperature on my outdoor thermometer?

    MyWindFit Temp factors the cooling effect the wind has on your body.  The faster you move or the faster the winds are blowing the lower the feels-like temperature will be. This is similar to the wind-chill temperatures used during the winter. 

  • I have and use a power meter, and my power meter watts do not match the watts shown by MyWindFit

    MyWindFit calculates watts based upon many factors, including speed, time duration, wind velocity, air temperature, air pressure, air density, your physical dimensions, terrain incline and the weight of your bike.  All of these factors determine how difficult your routine and exercise environment are   The primary reasons for wattage differences between MyWindFit and your power meter is the power meter accounts for the mechanical efficiency of your bicycle gearing and your actual energy output.   Your power meter is a more accurate measure of your power output, however, MyWindFit gives you the tools to understand why and how your watts varied.